In 2018, the Iowa Legislature voted on several measures that were important to our Schools and were priorities for our School Boards. We extended the SAVE (Secure and Advance Vision for Education) Fund, Addressed Transportation cost relief and equity funding, and again moved towards flexibility spending which included uses of dollars for students at-risk of dropping out of school, and dollars used for class-size reduction as well as early literacy efforts.
We also addressed school safety issues to ensure a safe learning environment for our kids and those who support them while they are there. A bill was passed requiring every school in the state to have a high quality security plan in place, coordinating with local law enforcement and emergency management agencies to draft the plan and conduct drills. In the flexibility bill a provision was added to allow districts an additional option to hire school security staff. And in the SAVE bill, language was added to specifically spell out that districts could use the millions in infrastructure dollars they receive every year to through secure entrances, emergency alert systems, camera systems, lockdown systems, and other options.