Less Abortions

During this past session, Iowans boldly took another stand for our unborn babies! Passage of SF 359 limits abortions in Iowa after a heartbeat is detected. This is one of the strictest abortion bans in the country. It was signed by the Governor this spring.

SF 471 as passed in 2017 and still stands as our Heartbeat bill is challenged in the legal system. This bill restricts abortions after 5-months of pregnancy. It also requires a 72-hour waiting period and an ultrasound prior to having an abortion.
This Legislation saves about a baby a week in the State of Iowa.

Iowa also passed a law to defund family planning organizations (such as Planned Parenthood) who provide abortions. Iowans spoke up adamantly that they do not want their tax dollars going to organizations that provides such services and the Iowa House and Senate listened!